About Us

RodeO Crew at work


We have access to all levels of event staff and have a crew of accomplished event managers, production staff, site crew and technicians.

We pride ourselves on professionalism, efficiency and respect.  This has propelled our reputation as a premier crewing service supplier to event production companies in the UK. Event production managers and event services companies who demand the best need look no further – RodeO Crew can deliver to your special requirements at any hour of the day or night.

RodeO Crew has a reputation in major events with well-trained crews to ensure that we provide our clients unmatched event industry knowledge and experience. We supply crew to a large number of venues, production managers and technicians in and around  the United Kingdom and Europe – we have a unique and memorable crew who will leave a lasting memory of their personality and service-friendly attitude.

We specialise in leadership and taking responsibility for onsite event services.  For any event size we have a crew that will suit your needs.  Our clients recognize us as supplying a premium crewing service which filters from our leadership team throughout the company.